More than just data. More than just one solution.

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Our technological innovation Velocity Reads eliminates many steps that are currently needed in order to capture meter data (reads) and generate an invoice in the water, gas, and electric sub-metering industry. With our system data entry, calculations and extensions are instantly generated once our product touches the meters data regardless of the current sub-meter type installed. Just Read - Click - Invoice!

Highly Compatible

Our system can work with nearly all types of existing water, gas, electric meters or we can provide installation of sub-meters. Our system can either utilize our Velocity Reads Android application for direct data input of analog meters, our Universal Touch Pad Velocity Reader if the system has touch pads, or even radio frequency sub-meters. The android phone application and universal reader connect via Bluetooth to upload the data to our cloud-based platform, where all the meter reads are used to generate invoices for each resident within seconds. The invoices can be printed or sent electronically to the residents.

How We are Different

Reading Billing Companies (RBCs) provide a service, UDS provides a solution. UDS is structured to work for any sub-metering scenario in the utility industry, where most other RBCs only have one. We offer an opportunity that no other RBCs have ... we empower the property owners/managers to take on the "RBC role" with simplicity, and eliminate the need for outsourcing.